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Worksheet: Caring About What People Think

Think of someone you are worried about what they think.


Insert name (s) here:


What do you think they think of you? (Not what do they think of you.)


DEEP QUESTION: Are you ever not thinking your own thoughts? Like – can you be somewhere outside of your own thoughts – EVER?


Do you respect this person you are worried about?


Does the person you are worried about treat people well? Like their children, their parents, their dating partners, their co-workers? What is their work ethic like? Do they use substances/are they sober?


List one or two things you respect about yourself. Take your time on this. 


How hard was it to think of what you respect about yourself?


Are you worried if the person above thinks negatively about you it will affect your income somehow? If so, that’s understandable then.

What I’ve found from working with clients is they are actually worried about pleasing or impressing people that they don’t even really respect or think have good values. Is this the case with you? What do you think actually would impress the person you want to think highly of you?


Is it realistic for you to attempt to be the thing above that you just put into the blank?

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