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This Week in Teen Anxiety Group

Our group kicked off this week and will continue on Monday nights until August 8th. We have 13 girls who do an art project or learn a new skill, then we split into two small groups for the process group therapy.

We have two therapists and one staff who helps pass out the art supplies and clean up. It’s very exciting to see what they create! The prompt was “meditative painting” and we used watercolor paints and paper which turned out really nice. I had no idea the paintings would be so creative.

As a way to help them orient to each other, we then did a flash card experiment. On the flash cards are core beliefs like “I’m not good enough” or “I’m anxious” or “I feel misunderstood”. In small groups of three, one person told a random two minute problem. The other two members listened for the feeling that was being expressed. Then, the person who told their problem looks through their cards for core beliefs. The other two who were the listeners have their own deck of flash cards. On their flash cards were emotions like “fear”, “jealousy”, “anger”. The two observers hold up the emotions they believe the card sharing person was expressing.

Group is always one of my favorite things to witness. I love watching them get comfortable with each other, go through trials and find ways to work through those, and also give each other support and new ideas. We will have another group starting in July for 12 and 13-year-olds. Please email me if you are interested. laura@freeclearmind.com

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