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Things You Can Do Today for Your Anxiety

  1. Go out in nature. Get away from your phone, the household chores, the news and see the sights and the sounds. Imagine that nature has healing vibrations that will work on your energy without you doing anything else. Breathe in the air. Feel the sun on your body. Is the snow melting? Do you see any birds?
  2. Download a meditation app like the Calm app. If you start to sign up for it, then wait a day, they will email you a code with 40% off. Start practicing meditation. Why does this work? It reminds your body of another part of you besides your anxious self. There ARE other parts of you but without the reminders, you won’t know you can step into those other parts. The more you practice the other parts of you, the easier it will become to just step in. You will start being able to call up these other parts – but it takes a little practice on the front end. If you don’t want to pay for an app, get on YouTube for some guided meditations.
  3. Read a book like Get Out of Your Mind and Into Your Life. This book is brilliant. The author is a psychologist who suffered from panic attacks that had him calling 911. He thought he was having a heart attack. This award-winning workbook is nothing like anything else you’ve ever read and no they aren’t paying me to say that. Dr. Steven Hayes really gets anxiety. Working with anxiety is like trying to grab a ball of flubber – it moves when you reach for it. He will wind you around through your own thought spirals and bust you at your own game. There are several neat exercises in this one.
  4. Practice self-compassion. How do you talk to yourself versus how would you talk to a 4-year-old with the very same concerns? Would you ask a 4-year-old to sit on your lap and tell them, “It’s okay, don’t worry, you are okay.” Can you do that with yourself? “It’s okay, come here, don’t worry; everything is fine. Your concerns are totally normal and it’s okay.”
  5. Find some YouTube videos of people like Jon Kabat-Zinn, Thich Nanh Hanh or Eckhart Tolle. Just watch how they slow down and talk to you about the nature of your mind. What do these videos do to your energy? What’s it like to be reminded to be in the moment rather than the past or the future? What do they understand about the nature of thought?
  6. Write in a journal. Pretend you are writing to your Higher Self. Ask your Higher Self what you can do about your stressors. What does your Higher Self say back? Keep this dialogue going. Some people believe the more you invite this Higher Self in, the more it will speak to you throughout the day. It’s like you are inviting a team of angels to talk to you and help you. Who knows? Maybe it’s true. 🙂
  7. Learn about Internal Family Systems with the book Self-Therapy by Dr. Jay Earley. IFS is about the many parts of our mind that talk to each other – like a family. In this book, you will learn that if you don’t like a part of yourself, your anxious part for example, that means you are fused with it. You can learn to unblend from it. The parts came into being for a very holy reason. They came to help keep you safe! So disliking a part is actually not in line with the part is there for; it’s there to help you. This book is fascinating and it provides a new way of seeing yourself.
  8. Just wait it out. Turn on an entertaining, mindless show or read a novel. Sometimes we just need to disengage from the angst in order to gain some perspective.

Happy Sunday and I hope one of these ideas is helpful.

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