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The Benefits of Group Therapy

Tonight in our Teen Anxiety Group we made paint out of salt, flour and water. Then we studied the emotional mind versus the rational mind and created a painting symbolizing the difference between the two states. In DBT, Wise Mind is the combination of Emotional Mind and Rational Mind. What a better way to learn this than to paint them?

The girls made very blocky, colorless, pointy paintings for the rational mind. Then they made fully colorful, but red hot fiery paintings for emotion mind. Later, they got into groups of two and talked about what they learned.

What we love about our groups is you see the discomfort of their anxiety in the beginning, then you watch them begin to thaw. Once they warm up, they create relationships that are less surface level than the ones they can create in a school classroom or in the brief time in the hallways. They begin to share more vulnerable things. The sharing helps them see that they aren’t alone. They aren’t the only one who feels like they have no friends, or that they give too much, or they don’t know how to say no, or they aren’t sure of how to navigate their homework and tests without anxiety. They aren’t the only one with social anxiety! It’s good news actually.

As they continue to gel, we can teach CBT and DBT through their art experiments. We can introduce a concept and them have them do an experiential thing to learn it. We also do mindfulness experiments using movement and music.

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Our next groups start in January and we are already getting registrations, so contact us soon!

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