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Our Final Group for the Summer Session: Slime and Pizza

We met for our final group for the summer season in our Teen Anxiety Group. This time we made slime, ate pizza and popcorn and just reviewed everything we learned during the twelve weeks.

The thing that struck me was the way the group members were relaxed with each other. Even the ones that initially were nervous or tried hard to make an impression had slowed down into a natural rhythm. Wow! The way a group can regulate the members just by being a part of it is amazing. When you think of something being therapeutic, you might think of acupuncture or music or being listened to – but what about just being together in other people’s energy?

We humans know how to help, soothe, give feedback in gentle ways and pay attention the things that need paid attention. This is why group therapy is proven to work with so many different diagnoses.

Why make slime? Teenagers are often in their minds and emotions- but slime is a sensory experience. It has a smell, a color, a texture. It’s playful and has nothing to do with an iPhone.

It takes awhile for it to unfold as you stir your bowl and wonder what’s going to happen. I listened to the comments, “I can never make slime. It just never works out for me.” But then that person made the best blue slime in the world!

Or, “Ew, this is so gross” turned into being able to tolerate the mess as the slime firmed up and took shape. What happens when you won’t allow yourself to get dirty? What about emotionally dirty? Isn’t life all about tolerating a mess? Being patient until the emotions regulate or the job gets done? It’s messy!!

Life is messy but often can turn into something wonderful if we hang around long enough and don’t give up.

We have two groups getting ready to restart in September. See our Teen Group page for more information.

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