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6 Reasons College Students Become Depressed

6 Reasons College Students Become Depressed

  1. They haven’t yet found their tribe. They are away from their friends and family from high school as well as their activities, former teachers and club leaders. They might be missing old co-workers or a significant other who went to a different school. Without their friend group, they might be isolated in a small dorm room without direction. Counselors hear a lot from clients in college who feel left out and lonely.
  2. They can’t self-regulate or discipline. They don’t know yet how to create routines and boundaries so they begin to struggle with their grades. This is very depressing! They might skip class without realizing how much is covered in one single class. This leads to a snowball of consequences that keep stacking up.
  3. New people mean new belief systems. College students might have roommates who don’t share their same values. They might be partying, having friends over at all hours or they might be messy, loud or inconsiderate in other ways. If you didn’t get along with someone in high school at least you could get away from them. 
  4. Substance Use. Alcohol and even drug use around them lead to all kinds of difficult (and lonely) situations for young people. 
  5. Difficult Coursework. College classes mean much more independent study is involved. In high school they might have never had to sit in the library alone to catch up on chapters of reading. But in college, those reading loads can’t be avoided. Sitting in a dorm room playing video games with friends is in direct contradiction to sitting in a library studying a Geography textbook. Some kids need help learning how to set limits and create schedules as well as study skills.
  6. New Situations. Everything is new from the food, to the people and the professors. Even being sick becomes a new challenge because they are handling it alone. This can create a lot of uncertainty. They might not want to admit they don’t know how to cope with all of these new things. They might want to appear as if they have it all together. College can be an extraordinarily difficult transition.


College students often benefit greatly with additional support. Sometimes young people are too nervous bringing up these situations to a parent. Additionally, their high school friends might be too busy or preoccupied now.

If you believe you or your child needs additional support, have a look at our team member page. You can book a session directly from any profile.


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