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Last week in our teen anxiety group…

We first did a movement activity where we danced as if we were a fish in the ocean. This really surprised them because we’ve never danced in this particular group. The music came on a little louder than I anticipated as we moved around the room. Some members were a bit shy but others jumped right in flapping their fins and “swimming” over the sandy bottom.

Then I gave each group person an entire roll of aluminum foil and asked them to make a physical representation of their anxiety. I wanted to help them externalize their anxiety rather than internalize it. I wanted them to see it!

The surprise continued because we hadn’t done a sculpture yet, especially not with a whole brand new roll of foil.

Some of the teens made monster-like figures showing the menace that anxiety can be. Others made animals or things that looked like an octopus that draped down over their heads. Yet others focused on what anxiety does for them: IT’S REALLY TRYING TO HELP YOU BE SAFE. It’s a protector that tries to warn you!

So they made a figure holding a big heart in his hands. I will try to post some pictures. So creative!

It was a really fun group and then we ended with an hour of process group therapy inside our small groups.

Our next group’s call out meeting is April 27th if your teen might be interested in the next twelve week group. We would love to have them – just send me an email: laura@freeclearmind.com and we can chat about the details.

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