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Is Your Boss a Jerk?

When you are a counselor, you hear all sorts of strange things about bosses.

Bosses that divide and conquer, pitting two groups of staff against each other. “These are the good employees, these are the bad employees.”

Bosses that hire family members who just sit in a backroom and play video games rather than work.

Bosses that say, “Why aren’t you working more weekends! You are expected to work weekends!”

Bosses that make comments in front of the entire staff like “Do you need some blush?” to a woman she thought wasn’t wearing enough make-up.

Bosses having drinking parties and sleepovers at their houses with their staff members.

Bosses opening medical units but not training the staff on this particular population, not having the proper medical equipment for this population, and on and on.

Bosses commenting on the weight of their staff in front of other staff members using derogatory terms like, “fatty”, for example.

Bosses having full on screaming temper tantrums, slamming their fists down on the desk.

If you have one of these bosses, you are not alone. You could report them but that’s only as effective as the people you have to report them to. Often times those people hired the jerk boss to begin with!

You could start looking for a new job. That’s often the best way to hold them accountable. If no one puts up with it then they will be alone and lonely.

At any rate, just know that it’s not uncommon for your mental health to suffer when you spend so much time with a toxic person and you may not have any other choice but to start looking around for a new place to work.

Take care of you!

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