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Is Working From Home For Me?

Lately, clients have come in to talk about this same thing:

“I don’t know if working from home is for me.”

They wrestle with it for a long long time because it seems so ideal. Climbing out of bed and going to work on your computer – you’ll have so much freedom! You’ll take a power nap in the afternoon or work for an hour before you shower or you could clean and put the laundry in!

But what I am hearing is, “I’m so lonely and I’m trying to find more social activities outside of work but I still feel like something is missing.”

Who knew those jokes with our co-workers while waiting by the coffee machine or the conversations in the break room were crucial! Or even the subtle eye rolls we give each other during a staff meeting. Maybe we need to have those hallway smiles or the kind comments we receive after we do something well: IN PERSON.

We might also crave to listen to someone’s tone, see their face get red, or notice their feet wiggling nervously under the table. These things you can’t see on a Zoom call no matter how convenient it might be.

Don’t get me wrong: I have clients who do just fine working from home. But I have others, usually extraverted types, who seem to really itch when they are isolated. They might be marketing people or sales people or event planners or outgoing therapists. Frankly, THEY ARE GOOD AT PEOPLE SKILLS and those skills aren’t being used when they work from home.

So I’ve started asking them if maybe people need you as much as you need them. Maybe there’s an office somewhere that feels like something’s missing where the people are lonely without you in the next space. They are starting to consider making a move. Maybe when the heart is calling for more social interaction at work – it knows what it’s talking about… just maybe.

Have a good weekend!

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