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If You Have Just Experienced a Trauma

First of all, we are sorry if you’ve recently experienced a trauma of any kind. But we want you to know that trauma can do some very specific things to your system and we want you to know about those things so that you won’t be alarmed. First, let’s define trauma. Trauma means anything that has given you an emotional jolt. It’s something out of the ordinary that makes you feel out of sorts.

What kinds of things is my body / emotional system experiencing after a trauma?

  1. Your mind may become narrowed. It may feel difficult to think clearly. You may have trouble thinking of alternatives or brainstorming. It’s like your mind is stuck.
  2. You may have a flight, freeze or fight reaction. You may have the urge to run, quit a job, get away, or you may feel totally paralyzed. You might have the urge to argue, provoke, or get aggressive. You might not be able to move off the couch or you might stare for long periods at nothing in particular.
  3. You might become very sensitive to external stimuli like sounds or visual things. You might cry over small things like someone asking you for a small thing. One person told me that they started crying when the room they usually work out in at the gym was being used for a class.
  4. You might have trouble sleeping or sleep a lot. You might have bad dreams.
  5. You might spend a lot of time ruminating or wondering “what if”?
  6. You might think in all-or-nothing terms. “All women are bad” or “I can’t do anything right.”

There’s a real reason for these symptoms. Fear narrows the mind because humans are supposed to think of only one thing when we are confronted by a lion or snake. Get away! Our evolution makes it so that the mind will do the one thing it needs to do. Run!

So it helps to know that the mind can’t really think of many alternatives when it’s in the trauma state because of this narrowing effect. This is why I often feel so upset when people ask why someone might stay in an abusive situation. When the mind is traumatized because of abuse, the person may not even know they are being abused. They definitely can’t think of ways to leave.

This is why therapy is so vital to you. When your mind is in this constricted state, you can’t think of how to help yourself. I can remember working with a therapist when I was in a trauma. I had trouble figuring out what questions to ask or even how to find my way inside the therapy office. I got lost driving in neighborhoods I already knew. I wasn’t sleeping well. It’s so disorienting.

Please know that we want to help you and we understand. It seems like every little thing is getting to you, even small things. That’s what trauma does. It stirs everything up even things you haven’t thought about for many years.

Hang in there and please reach out if you need help.

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