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How to Know if Your Teen Needs Therapy

  1. They ask to come to therapy. Sometimes adolescents have things they don’t want to process with you because they are going to have to face you for the rest of the day. Maybe they are embarrassed, maybe they can’t find the words or they are afraid of being a burden. One girl told me someone was pressuring her to do something she didn’t want to do and she couldn’t tell her mom about this. As a mediator, I can help them find the words to stand up to the person and help them find less threatening ways to tell you this information. It’s better that your child tell someone then struggle with this problem. Ruminating on a problem without a way to solve it is a terrible way to live.
  2. They are self-harming, talking about suicide or they have had any sudden behavior changes. If your child is talking about suicide, they need to be assessed at a crisis center. You can call the Community North Crisis Line at 317-621-5700. Don’t wait. If they are self-harming but you believe they are not suicidal, getting them to talk to a trained professional is essential. Often times, they are wrestling with extreme emotions and they do not have the skills to resolve them. Counselors are trained in helping them find effective ways to cope so that they don’t put themselves at risk. Self-harming tends to happen when your teen is bottling problems up and not processing the things that are bothering them.
  3. They have had a change in mood, sleeping, eating, grades or socializing. If they seem different than usual, getting them assessed by a counselor is important. Sometimes it’s just one new idea that helps them find peace with their situation. Other times, their depression or anxiety takes longer to get a handle on and they need to learn new ways to cope. Sometimes, it is a self-esteem issue that needs to be explored.
  4. Someone else has recommended counseling for your teen.
  5. They’ve had a recent traumatic event like an accident, a break up, a change in their friend group or a health issue.
  6. They are engaged in self-sabotaging behaviors which could be mild (not turning in homework) or severe (sneaking out of the house).
  7. They are struggling with career or college plans.
  8. You feel like anxiety or depression is inhibiting them from engaging in their life. Anxiety is treatable with cognitive-behavior therapy, mindfulness, and calming strategies. Sometimes, there is someone in your child’s life like a friend or significant other who is contributing to their anxiety. Other times, test or social anxiety is the issue that needs some help. At any rate, learning new skills and processing these issues out can help.

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