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Hidden Benefits of Counseling

  1. Knowing that you are finally addressing the issue boosts your self-esteem.
  2. Having one witness to your life can make your goals more concrete and real.
  3. You are expanding your support system (your counselor may know more ways to help with this as well).
  4. You are engaging in self-care just like when you eat right or go for a walk.
  5. When a parent gets help with parenting skills, the kids thrive (and their kids thrive and their kids thrive….)
  6. Your counselor may understand nuances about your particular problem you’ve never thought of and wouldn’t have thought of otherwise.
  7. When someone is really struggling, just having one person knowing about that struggle helps with the loneliness.
  8. There are books, websites, blogs and other resources that could help you that your counselor might recommend.
  9. Your counselor has likely worked with other people who’ve encountered your same issue and might be able to share with you things that have worked for others.
  10. Counseling is like taking a break for your mind. Let your counselor carry your burden for that hour.

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