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Group vs individual therapy: Finding the help you need for your teen

Teenagers require a lot of support during their formative years. Their bodies are changing, their personalities are developing, and their emotions are perplexing. It might be hard for you to understand what is happening in your teenager’s mind when they respond abruptly or become dismissive to you. A rebellious attitude or outright disobedience to your rules may cause you to feel distant and alarmed. The child who lovingly looked at you, calling you mummy, may feel like a stranger in your home. You feel like you don’t even know them anymore. You feel disconnected.

You try talking to them but feel you’re not getting through. You start reading books to get them to open up, but every time you try, it seems like you’re failing. You look for possible solutions online and come across therapy but become confused about whether group therapy is more suitable for your child. To determine if group therapy suits your teen’s needs, you should know how it differs from individual therapy and the benefits of both.

What is group therapy for teens?

Group therapy for teens is the treatment of multiple teens at one time. It can be used to treat a variety of emotional conditions in teens. It also helps relieve distress by discussing feelings, changing maladaptive behaviors and encouraging constructive coping mechanisms.

Benefits of group therapy

Group therapy promotes interpersonal skills. Teens are encouraged to listen and express themselves in group therapy. Practicing these skills helps them communicate more effectively with peers and family members.

As it is a shared environment, teens can learn from each other and provide and receive valuable feedback from their peers.

Teens become more conscious about their thoughts, emotions and behaviors as they develop increased self-awareness.

Sometimes teens struggle with their friendships. Group therapy provides a safe space for teens to make friends and thus feel less isolated.

Group therapy as a support system becomes a new coping mechanism for them.

Exploring individual therapy for teens

Individual therapy is one on one treatment which tackles anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, bullying, self-esteem issues and other issues that teenagers face. It provides a safe space for your teen to express their thoughts and emotions and to dig deep into how they impact their behavior.

Benefits of individual therapy

The treatment is specialized and personalized to your teen’s needs and goals.

Individual therapy provides teens with one on one attention in their sessions so they can maximize the time given.

Teens’ communication skills improve as they become better at expressing their thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

Individual therapy provides teens with confidentiality and privacy so they can vent their frustrations without judgment of others. This creates a safe space for teens to open up more.

Low self-esteem is a challenge that many teens face. Individual therapy helps teens discover themselves so they feel more confident in their own skin.

Group Therapy in Indiana

At Free Clear Mind, we provide a safe environment for your teen to identify and work through the things that are causing them the most anxiety. Our therapists are sensitive counselors who understand sensitive people. With over 25 years of experience, we warmly invite your teens into a comfortable space where they can let go of the burdens they are holding and speak freely about their challenges, hopes and dreams.

If your teen has struggled with social, school or other types of anxiety, self-harm, or feelings of depression, group therapy can help give them new tools to feel better. Learn more about our group therapy programs here or book an appointment or free consultation for individual therapy below.

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