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Art Therapy

I went to a training in 2016 and we had to draw a time that we had to say no to someone. or something. This particular time was a “big deal” and we remember it fully, the teacher explained. I still remember drawing the entire scene and trying to get really mindful of what that moment meant to me, a moment way back in my teen years. Then, we got with a partner and our partner had to quietly study the drawing and notice anything that really stuck out. Colors used, feelings expressed, what do you think this scene means to your partner? The artist wasn’t allowed to say anything.

Even though this happened so long ago, I was vividly back to that moment again only now I heard someone else reflect what they saw in my drawing. It gave it a whole new meaning. They noticed the confusion on my face, the fact that had bolded certain things in red. After they were done with their assessment, then you told the story of what happened that day that made you take a stand.

This particular drawing experiment was about RESISTANCE. If we don’t have any resistance, we will tolerate disrepect or others infringing on our boundaries. If we don’t experience resistance or anger, we can’t hang on to our real authentic self. We can’t protect ourselves or anyone else because we will let someone else tell us who we are or how we feel or take away something meaningful to us – even if it’s just a quiet soak in a bathtub or a quiet drive without someone texting repeatedly, “Hello?”

It gave anger and resistance a purposeful meaning to me. I had an appreciation for it and I saw how essential it is. It just might need to be channeled in a way that helps move your life in a helpful direction.

Happy Saturday and I hope you express yourself artfully today! (As well as use your anger in a purposeful way.)

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