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Anxiety Therapy For Teens

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Therapy can help your teen:

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Manage their anxiety

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Navigate relationships

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Feel prepared for the future

What we are hearing teens say:

Free Clear Mind Therapy

If your teen is dealing with:

Fear of going to school

Shutting down during tests

Feeling sad

Suicidal thoughts

Self-harm behaviors

A painful breakup

Tension with parents


Unsure about the future

Panic attacks


Low body image

Disordered eating

Unhealthy coping mechanisms

The effects of traumatic experiences

Feeling out of place

We can help them figure it out

Counseling For Teen Anxiety

Types of anxiety teens deal with

The high levels of anxiety in todays teens can be contributed to issues such as:
For teens that value high grades or are facing pressure from their parents to do well, high expectations placed on academic performance can cause significant stress for teens. This pressure to excel academically often results in long hours of studying, overloading on extracurricular activities, and a lack of downtime, contributing to anxiety.
More so than any of us realize, regular social media exposure can lead to feelings of social comparison, low self-esteem, and fear of missing out (FOMO). Teens may feel pressured to maintain a perfect online persona and constantly seek validation through likes and comments, exacerbating anxiety. Even if they never post anything themselves, scrolling through social media causes them to be constantly comparing themselves to the unrealistic standards that are highlighted online.

he constant access to news and information exposes teens to a barrage of global issues and concerns, which can be overwhelming. This relentless exposure can contribute to feelings of anxiety and helplessness about the state of the world as they question what their future in the world will look like.

Navigating complex social relationships and dealing with peer pressure can be challenging for adolescents. Teens may experience anxiety related to fitting in, maintaining friendships, and navigating romantic relationships.

Teens can be deeply affected by conflicts, financial stress, or other challenges within their family environment. Often teens feel like they can’t talk to their parents about their feelings because they are embarrassed or afraid of what it will lead to.
Society’s increasing expectations for teens to excel in various aspects of life, such as academics, sports, and extracurricular activities, can create a sense of pressure and stress. The fear of failure or disappointing others may contribute to heightened anxiety levels.
Teens may experience anxiety as they begin to contemplate their future, including career choices, college plans, and independence. This uncertainty can be overwhelming and lead to feelings of stress and anxiety.
We provide a safe environment for your teen to identify and work through the things that are causing them the most anxiety.

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Who We Are

Why Free Clear Mind Therapy?

“It’s hard to process something when you feel like no one gets you.”

Anxious people tend to process things deeply and when you get pat answers from well-meaning therapists who aren’t connecting to your history, situation or experiences, it can feel like no one understands what you’re going through.

With over 25 years of experience, we warmly invite you into a comfortable space where you can let go of the burdens you are holding and speak freely about your challenges, hopes and dreams.

We are sensitive counselors who understand sensitive people.

Free Clear Mind Therapy provides in-person therapy in Fishers and Broad Ripple, and virtual therapy across Indiana.

Our Approach

How our anxiety therapy for teens works

We meet with you

We listen to your story and ask questions so we can understand your struggles, strengths, and current support systems.

We make a plan

We work with you to create a customized plan of healthy coping skills that align with your values and preferences.

We help you heal

We regularly assess your progress towards your goals, address any concerns that come up, and adjust the plan as needed.

With therapy, we can help you unlock your full potential.


Questions about teen therapy

Teen therapy is tailored to the unique developmental needs and challenges faced by adolescents. This means that the therapeutic approach is age-appropriate, engaging, and supportive of the specific issues your teen is facing.
If your teen is experiencing excessive worry, frequent mood swings, withdrawal from friends and family, or a decline in academic performance, it may be time to consider therapy. Trust your instincts and reach out to a professional for guidance.
The duration of therapy varies depending on your teen’s individual needs and progress. Some teens may benefit from short-term therapy, while others may require ongoing support. Regular assessments will help determine the optimal length of treatment.
Encourage open communication, be patient, and listen without judgment. Show your teen that you care about their feelings and are invested in their well-being. Your support will help create a safe and nurturing environment for their healing journey.
Yes, privacy and confidentiality are essential in therapy. However, if there are any concerns about your teen’s safety, the therapist is obligated to inform you and take appropriate steps to ensure their well-being.

Anxiety Therapy For Teens In Indiana

What you can expect from this approach

Every person is different, but with consistent attendance, people often feel better within 6 weeks of starting anxiety therapy. Some people feel better within 2-3 sessions and others take longer depending on their individual situation.

Your teen may notice they:

Understand themselves better

Feel more freedom within their mind

Have more confidence

Have developed a more positive self image

Feel better and more motivated

Connect with people easier

Feel like a weight has lifted

Make decisions easier

As a parent, you may notice that they are happier more often as emotions aren't weighing on them like they were before.

Get Started With Therapy

How to get started

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Free Clear Mind Therapy

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