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Free Clear Mind Therapy

About Us

Free Clear Mind provides compassionate therapy for children, teens & adults struggling with anxiety. Serving Fishers, Carmel, Noblesville, Indianapolis, and surrounding areas.
Laura Welch, Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Fishers and Indianapolis. Founder of Free Clear Mind

Laura Welch

Founder, Licensed Mental Health Counselor

"I'm regularly stunned by how much people have to deal with without having anyone to help them process what’s happened."

When I experienced a sudden loss at 20-years old, the aloneness I felt was overwhelming. For many months afterwards I can remember thinking, “If someone would just listen to me, I could make it through this.”

This was the event that changed who I wanted to be in life. I wanted to be the person who could be there for other people going through the toughest time in their lives.

Free Clear Mind Therapy grew from my desire to provide the care, support and tools people need to get through a difficult time or move past an experience that is holding them back. We work closely with people who struggle with anxiety, a painful event or are having a hard time moving past trauma or a difficult family situation.

When you can free yourself from the patterns and behaviors that are keeping you stuck you can create the life you want to live.

We believe people find their answers when they are heard and have a witness to their experiences.

Free Clear Mind

Our approach to therapy


You know better than anyone else what you are going through and what you need to start your healing. We listen for what you are saying and help you take the steps you need to move forward.


Our job is to be there with you and help you understand all that you’ve experienced. We work at your pace to help find a better sense of yourself and what you need for you.

Welcoming and authentic

We are down to earth. We aren’t perfect and we hope you feel free to be yourself when you are here. We like to offer a casual atmosphere – and snacks for group therapy!
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Who we work with

We provide therapy for pre-teens, teens and adults struggling with anxiety.

Anxiety can feel like you are stuck in a pattern that is keeping you from fully living. We help you develop a clear mind to make decisions, a calm body to live in the moment and the energy you need to get back to doing the things you love.

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How we help

With over 25 years of experience, we warmly invite you into a comfortable space where you can let go of the burdens you are holding and speak freely about your challenges, hopes and dreams. We are sensitive counselors who understand sensitive people.

Our Therapy Works In 3 Steps:

We get to know you

We make a plan specific for you

We help you heal in a way that allows you to move forward with your life

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Get Started With Therapy

How to get started

New Clients

If you’d like to book a free consultation, you can do so using the link below. You can also just schedule a full hour long session.

Returning or New Clients

Returning clients or new clients can book in person and virtual appointments online using the link below. You don’t need to schedule a consult unless you want to do so!

Prefer to connect via phone?

Or Send Us A Message

Ready to get started or have a few questions? Send us a message. We aim to respond within a few business hours.